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At CLS Garage Door Co. We only sell the best most reliable products on the market today.

Technology changes faster than anyone can keep up, that's why we make every effort to train and understand the products that we sell. From our garage doors to our garage door and gate operators, you can be assured that they will stand the test of time. We choose our products based on longevity, safety and of course warranty. We also back our service with our own warranty, If you call us out for a problem and agree to our recommendations to solve the problem, we will back it up in writing for a full year of warranty on that specific problem. For instance: Your cable breaks and we replace it, that now is under 1 year warranty. If we replace the cable and a spring breaks the spring is not under warranty until we replace it.

So call us today and rest assured you are dealing with professionals and can have peace of mind that all work done to your garage door and garage door operator will be covered for a full year of worry free operation. 

Damaged garage doors

Residential Services

We do all types of door repairs, including new installs.

cables fixed or replaced if


garage door installs

We proudly sell and install Liftmaster series operators with MyQ technology.

Garage door preventive maintanence

Garage door springs

$200.00 for a pair

​tax and labor included

Garage door operator parts

Garage door parts

Service you can trust

Garage door opener remotes

Garage door opener chain

Garage door opener belt

Garage door opener gears

Garage door opener circuit board

Garage door repair

Garage door openers

Garage door repair

$75.00 Minimum service call

garage door openers

This door does not need to be replaced

It can be fixed

Garage door installations

Lube and Tune up $75.00 per door

Service includes:

Inspection and lubrication of all moving parts, bearings, rollers and operator.

Disengage operator and test door balance, add or take away tension as needed.

Open operator and tighten electrical components check gears and drive line clean as needed.

Garage door ball bearing rollers

Garage door spring line bearings

Garage door bearing plates

Garage door hinges

Garage door drums

Garage door cables

Garage door track